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genkigoth's Journal

All Hail King Richard!
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Alright, doods. This is the community. The only one you will ever need to join. Why? Because the only thing that really matters in this life, the hereafter, or any other life, is one man. At least we think he is a man.


We all know him. And we all love him. Except for those stupid bitches that haven't seen the glorious light. In order to join this community, you must prove before God and Krystin and Marie, that you truly worship the greatness that is


Fill out this survey, and e-mail it to: genkigoth@gmail.com. If you are accepted, make the survey your first post in the community. Alright? Alright.

Richard the survey

Question teh 1: WHO do you believe Richard to be?
Question teh 2: WHAT would Richard do? WWRD?
Question teh 3: WHERE do you touch yourself when you think of Richard?
Question teh 4: WHEN did you get your calling to Richard, i.e. learn of the majesty that is Richard.
Question teh 5: WHY do you read Richard's LiveJournal?
Question teh 6: HOW does knowing Richard make your life better?

See? Not that hard. Come join us in the worship/stalking of the majesty, the greatness, the awe inspiring awesomeness like a whale in the wild that is